Tuesday, April 29, 2008



We are back from a gorgeous fun-filled VEGAS VACATION. I will first start off by saying the hotel was not bad. We were right in the middle of the strip so it made it easy for Justin to head to Gameworks, mom to shop at the stores, Austin to eat mac and cheese at Harley Davidson's, (The best mac and cheese ever!!!!) and Randy trying to figure out why his name is not on the top of the TRUMP TOWER.
Of course the real reason we were in Las Vegas was to watch Austin and his team compete in a National Paintball Tournamnet. We had so much fun watching his team play. THEY ROCKED!!!!! Out of forty teams from all over the country they took home the GOLD!

Keeli was perfect. We were outside all day in the hot sun and she enjoyed every minute. Luckily, there was a park right next to the fields. Here are a few pictures of VEGAS BABY!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


(where we are supposed to be staying)
I am trying not to be spoiled. I am trying not to complain. I am trying not to pout. However, I am totally upset and downright furious. Question to self. "Why do we pay so much money for a timeshare?" ANSWER: The cheesey timeshare salesman told us we would make happy, family, memories. That is the reason we bought a timeshare. To make wonderful memories with our family.

We are leaving to Las Vegas tomorrow to stay in the wonderful Tahiti Village. You know the one where Alan Thicke is drinking a Pina Colada in the sandy, gorgeous,huge, pool. The resort with beautiful palm trees surrounding an enormous pool. The resort where we were going to swim, play and make our wonderful family memories. Just like the timeshare salesman promised.

I have been looking forward to our wonderful family vacation for a few weeks. I had visions in my head of us all swimming and lounging around the pool with Pina Colada's in hand. Catching up on all the book club books that I am anxious to read. A wonderful week-end of relaxation and sun by a beautiful pool.

NOT!!! We came home from our work-out this morning to a lovely message on our machine. We have overbooked the resort so we have to relocate you to another hotel. WHAT? CAN THEY DO THAT? Our reservation starts tomorrow. One day notice of a resort change. After a hour of complaining to Interval International the timeshare people. They are so sorry. However, there is nothing they can do. We now are staying in a hotel that has a tiny, little, rectangular, pool. No palm trees, no Pina Colada's, No beautiful sand. Oh, and children are not allowed to use the pool before 10:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. It then changes to an adult pool. Sounds family friendly to me. If there were pictures of the pool I would post them. Unfortunatley, it must be so bad that they don't even have pictures of their gross pool.

I am trying to remember Michael Mclean's song turn it around. The song where you are supposed to turn a bad situation into a good one. I am trying to remember the adage," When life gives you lemons make lemon-ade." I am trying to remember the little book, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." I know that this is small and insignificant. None the less, I am still mad!!!

We are leaving tomorrow to Las Vegas to enjoy our lovely two star time-share. I am leaving my bad attitude at home and we are going to make it a great vacation!!! (Hopefully) and the time-share is for sale if anyone is interested.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Keeli's First Haircut

Keeli had her first haircut today. If she only knew how many more she will experience. We had a mother daughter date to Cookie Cutters. Cookie Cutters is a salon that caters to the younger folk.
Keeli was totally into the slide. Notice the fly away hair. This is her before picture
"WOW! I get to sit in a car and watch the wiggles. Haircuts are the best!"
Keeli now wondering why this strange lady is playing with her hair
Keeli's after glamour shot.
Mom is happy that the mullett is gone. We enjoyed our day out at the baby spa.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We had a fantastic Sunday afternoon enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the SUN!!!
Keeli modeling the first of her Summer wardrobe.
There is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon stroll to visit all our neighbors
We stopped and took a swing on the Pinnock's new swingset
After a long day of church, sun and fun it is time to clean up Keeli enjoying her last drink before a long good night sleep.
Next Adventure we take Randy will be the photographer. Yes, I was present at all our Sunday afternoon outings. I think someone is a camera hog! Furthermore, I know we have two boys but they are not interested in Sunday walks and posing for pictures. It is just a Randy and Keeli thing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I find that I do much better with goals when I am accountable to someone. The no carb idea I had last week just about put me over the edge. It is now a new week and another idea. Yes, I am on a yo -yo constantly changing.

Monday I started MY FOOD DIARY. I love this website. It tracks calories, exercise, proteins, carbs, and fats. It truly is amazing. My favorite part of this food diary is the smiley faces I receive when I have done a good job. Seeing these smiley faces makes me happy. I try to go all day without getting a frown. Sadly, frowns appear when you miss exercise, your calories go over your limit, or not drinking enough water.

Water!!! Who drinks sixty four ounces of water a day. YUCK!!! Yesterday was my first official diary day. I was bound and determined to drink all sixty four onces of water. I was not going to get a frown on my first day. I did drink and drink and drink. Needless to say that I had a bladder that was screaming and yelling. I spent most of the day taking much needed potty breaks.

Day two and I am still enjoying my new found diary. I have found that I am eating better, drinking a lot more and exercising just so I can have a computer generated smiley face at the end of the day.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Yes, We do have a son named Austin. He lives in a paintball world. His true happiness, joy, love and time is devoted to this sport. We don't see him much. His days consist of school, work, church, and paintball. This past Friday he went straight from school to work (his work is at a paintball field) He tells me he arrived home around 12:30 a.m. He then left at 5:30 a.m. for his team paintball practice. He pretty much just sleeps and eats here.

I knew he had a paintball addiction when I walked into his room and to what did my wandering eyes did appear but boxes and boxes of paintballs everywhere. During one of our conversations I asked Austin, "Are you going to be able to leave paintball for two years while you are on a mission." I got a bit nervous when he had to sit and ponder my question. He said, "Of course, but I will need 5 weeks off a year to play tournaments." HAHA

We are now planning family vacations around Austin's busy schedule. It is paintball season once again. We miss you Austin. We will see you in the fall.

Friday, April 4, 2008


ME- "Hello "
JUSTIN- "Hey mom, how's it going?"
ME- "Good, are you having a good day?"
JUSTIN- "If the school calls , I didn't do it."
JUSTIN- "A bunch of kids were pounding their fists on the lunch table. Not me, I was just eating."
ME- "Why would I be receiving a phone call from the school if you didn't do anything?"
JUSTIN- "Well, All my friends were doing it and the principal took all our names."
ME- "So you are an innocent bystander?"
ME- "Do you think I was born yesterday?"
JUSTIN- "Just giving you a heads up"
ME- "You are a pain!!! "

Thursday, April 3, 2008





THE NEST is the nursery at the gym. It is constantly filled with little ones. Well, not my little one. I try to time my workouts around Randy's schedule so Princess Keeli can stay home and enjoy her dad. It is not that I do not like THE NEST. I just have a difficult time leaving Keeli with strangers. My sister, Trish, keeps telling me I really need to take Keeli to get her acclimated to new surroundings, new adults and meet kids. I don't know why but my heart starts palpitating and I get panicky just thinking of dropping her off to complete strangers for an hour.

Keeli is now eleven months old. I know it is time for her to venture out and leave her mom and dad for a wee hour a day. It has come to my attention that Keeli feels the same way I do. She does not feel that she needs to go to the nest. She is content and just fine hanging out at home with dad. Keeli is to the point that before we open the door to THE NEST she is in full blown cry mode. It truly breaks my heart handing her over to the lovely nest ladies. Keeli is bawling and I am close to it.

I now hear "I told you so" from my younger sister. Are younger sisters allowed to tell older, wiser, sisters what they are doing wrong? "I don't think so." I am now taking Keeli every day to the nest. I am hoping that this feeling of attachment will lessen for both her and me. I hate to admit that it makes me smile to know that she loves us as much as we love her.


"Mom,I am out of socks." It seems like I hear that phrase every other week. I could not figure out why I am constantly at Costco buying socks! The missing sock mystery has now been solved. I went out my back door today and look what I found. SOCKS!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Addiction: CARBOHYDRATES - Not the good carbs, the bad ones!!! The kind that taste soooo good you can't have just one. The kind where you eat one mini-size candy bar and within a matter of minutes there are ten empty candy wrappers wadded up in my pocket. The kind where one Oreo cookie is not satisfying enough. I need the whole row. It is time for an intervention.

My mind is made up that April 1st is the day in which I say "good-bye to Carbs." I know that this day is fast approaching. I made a conscious decision to carb-overload my last few days of March. I started my binge on Friday when I made the boys chocolate chip cookies. One of my favorite things to do when baking cookies is to get my very own spoon and enjoy the dough! It was last Friday evening and the weather was still cold outside. A perfect time for home-made chicken noodle soup. Definitely, a lovely comfort food to enjoy during the winter months. A friend introduced me to home-made mashed potatoes that you put in your bowl. Next you add the soup. Oh, I forgot to mention the rolls that are dipped into the soup. YUM!!!!

The carb guilt hit me Saturday morning. It also helped that a friend of mine was competing in a fitness competition. I spent three hours watching perfect muscular bodies walk the cat-walk. These people are amazing!!! They must not have a love of carbs. Either that, or they've learned to control their cravings. It is beyond my comprehension how they can make their bodies look so good. This was just what I needed to get motivated to kick my carb habit.
Sunday arrives and I enjoy some pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and a few reeses peanut butter cups. My sister, Lisa, invites the whole family up to her house for family night. I enjoy strawberry shortcake and Lisa's famous home-made Oreo cookies. I feel no guilt because I know Tuesday is fast approaching and I soon will be carb-free!
It is now Monday and there is no school today. We load the kids and head to Iggy's for lunch. We enjoy two or three loaves of bread dipped in their yummy sauce. I thoroughly devour my Iggy's french fries dipped in fry sauce. After munching on a plateful of fries it is now time for a juicy, California Chicken Burger. I don't even want to know how many calories I just put into my body.
Today is April 1st. The day I hoped would never come. I am moody, sleepy, shaky, and a little sad. I know that I am going through de-tox. It is not pleasant. I am now hallucinating carbs!
How long is this going to take? If anyone has any good hints of how to curb my chocolate cravings I would love any input. This has to be the longest day ever. It is eight p.m. and I am ready for bed. I am now going to bed to dream of chocolate cake, loaded with ice cream and topped with hot fudge. I know I have a sickness!