Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unbelievable. Excellent. Adventure.



U.E.A. BREAK!!!!!

We packed our bags and headed South to St. George to enjoy a fun-filled week-end with great friends!!! We indeed had an UNBELIEVABLE, EXCELLENT, ADVENTURE. We started our trip with our usual visit to the Pizza Factory for Calzones and Never On Sundae dessert.  Lucky for us, we were able to get stand-by tickets to Les Miserables at the Tuacahn. It was fabulous!!! What an unbeliavable theatre. 

Day two had more adventures to fill up our days. The boys headed to the mountains with their dirt bikes in tow. Rosie and Melissa got the girls' day started with a walk-run workout. I was getting very excited for the rest of our day. Today was my younger sister, Tricia's,  MAKE A WISH dream come true. All the girls got dolled up and headed to Vegas for J.T. and friends at Planet Hollywood. I talked Randy into being our driver.  Also, I wanted to enjoy the concert with my guy! We made it to Vegas and the car somehow ended up at the Fashion Show Mall. Randy slept in the car as we girls spent our wad on cute over priced exercise clothing. Planet Hollywood was our next stop for a never-ending buffet of food. Lastly, we made our way into the huge theatre to enjoy a little Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers, Leona Lewis, Boys 2 Men, Rihanna, Adam Levine, Fiddy Cent, Lionel Ritchie and more Justin!!!!! This concert was AMAZING and did not dissapoint. Lucky for us, this is now going to be an annual event!!! We piled in the car at 1:30 a.m. and headed back to St. George arriving home at 5:00 am. Thanks Randy for driving five sleeping girls, that were dreaming of Mr. Timberlake, home.

We spent day three with our very good friends from Chiropractic College, the Russell's. They are very nice as they made a bunch of young girls very happy by letting us all swim at their club. This is not any club. This club was where the High School Musical gang hung out and filmed their movie. After a day of  swimming, tennis, pickleball and sun we headed to Don Pedro's for a mexican dinner of food, laughs, laughs and more laughs!!!!

Sunday arrived and Rosie, Randy and Austin headed to church. Someone had to stay home with a tired baby. I kindly offered and Justin seemed to think that it was a two man job. Later in the day we got the gang back together and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at the Russell's enjoying their beautiful home, croquet, wonderful family and great food. 

What a great Adventure of fun-filled memories!!!! Thanks Trish for sharing your Make-A-Wish with all of us.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008




I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I broke my arm in July. Because of the broken bone I forgot my way to the gym. I forgot to watch my calorie intake. I forgot that my weight explodes when I do not exercise. I have to say that I have had a very enjoyable two months. Zingers, Diet Coke, M&M's plain and peanut, Diet Coke, chocolate chip cookies, Diet Coke and gummy bears, oh, and did I mention Diet Coke! I was on a two month binge. Suffice to say, I lost all control. It is definitely time for an intervention. That is what my mind kept telling me as I stuffed Halloween candy in my mouth.

It was time to dry up and get rid of my carb cravings. "How was I going to do this?" That is the question I asked myself every day. I decided to try an eleven day cleanse. This cleanse consists of a shake in the morning, 2 cups of lettuce and 4 oz of protein for lunch and another shake for dinner. Oh, I forgot to mention to drink water, water and more water. Yep, it is true, no Diet Coke or anything else except water for 11 days!!!!! There is more to this cleanse. On day 3 and 4 you drink this awful tasting cleanse with water, four times a day. NO FOOD. I do get ten almonds and these awful tasting scooby snacks. I am on day 3 right now. After the two day cleanse you go back to what you did on Day 1 and 2 for five days. Lastly, the home stretch is another two day cleanse on day 10 and 11. I am CRAZY!

The only thing that is getting me through this is trying to decide where I am going to eat on Day 12! Porcuipine Grill's, Chicken Nachos; Iggy's, California Chicken Sandwich; Training Table's, Turkey Sandwich with Cheese fries, AND ONE, LARGE, HUGE, DIET COKE!!!! People tell me after this is over my taste for these yummy foods will dissappear. I am hoping this is the case. I am totally aware that crash diets do not work and the key to weight loss is diet and exercise. However, when my self control left I needed to take desperate measures. So, when I finish this long, painful, two weeks I will be back to the gym and hopefully have a better eating pattern.

You never should start a new diet without a buddy. I coaxed my younger sister, Trish, to do this with me and my neighbors, Angie and Adam. Adam does not really count because he does the cleanse his way. That means Ginza for lunch, and a salad for dinner. He is on the half-cleanse plan. When one of us is weak and ready to throw in the towel the other one boosts us up. Having a buddy helps HUGE! We are all on the Crazy Train!!!!!

So day 3 it is and 8 more to go!!!!!