Friday, June 13, 2008


We took a family vacation to visit my parents on their mission. They are serving in the Washington D.C. Visitor's Center. Here are a few highlights of our fun-filled trip!!!!!

The boys favorite time of touring is FOOD TIME!
Keeli was perfect on this trip. We kept her well fed and she was good to go.
KRISPY KREME of course we had to buy a dozen of hot melt in your mouth doughnuts.
The family picture in front of the Washington D.C. Temple.

We toured all the Monument's in one evening. We started at 10:00 p.m. and hit every monument. The heat in D.C. was 95 degrees and the humidity was HIGH. We beat the heat and the crowds and finished our last monument at 1:30 a.m. Lucky for us Keeli sacked out in her stroller.
Monument Marathon
We spent a morning in the Crime and Punishment Museum. This is where America's Most Wanted is taped every week.
Our first day we encountered a HUGE storm. We actually saw a breaker blow up. We could not see the roads as we were driving because of the torrential rain. Many cities lost power for days. We had a schedule and we could not veer from our itenerary. We toured the Vistor Center with flashlights as there was no power. I have a funny story about this power outage but don't worry dad I will just giggle about it all by myself. The aftermath of the D.C. storm. Yes, that tree is totally uprooted!!!!
I love my cute Nieces, Baby London and Ryan. They are all living in D.C. right now. We met up for a great dinner and fun company.
My cute niece, Kristi, (pictured above) set us up on a tour of the capital. Austin is patiently waiting in the Senator's office for our tour to begin. My parents also had a great connection and hooked us up on a tour of the White House. Thanks to Lindi and baby London for touring with us throughout the city.
How cool is this!!!!!! If you look real close President Bush is waving. I loved watching his motorcade drive by. I asked the police officer how to know if it is the President's motorcade. His reply was an ambulance always follows in the rear of the pack. No other motorcades get ambulances. This was serious 24 action. There were big black suburbans with secret service men with guns pointed in all directions.

President Bush's ride!!!!!!

The boys were a little tired of the Smithsonians. I think think they were dreaming of Newport Beach!!!!!
We just finished walking through the Art Museum
HOT HOT HOT!!!! We had to stop in a local CVS store to hydrate. Keeli made sure she had her water and her binkies.

Keeli looking patriotic in D.C.
How is your balance?
We were starving after a long morning of sight-seeing. The only food nearby was a McDonald's in the Smithsonian. Forty Five dollars later we were ready for our afternoon. Seriously 45.00 for Mcdonald's GROSS!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


THE BIG 50!!!!

WOW!!!! that is a looooong time.

We love you Mom and Dad and we are so happy that you are our parents.

We had all these wonderful plans to celebrate your big day. We were hoping a family cruise to the Caribbean, or maybe a family Lake Powell adventure or better yet a trip to Tremonton and Portage to reminisce your courting years. However, you decided to pack up and leave us for a mission. We will have to have one HUGE party when you get home. We miss you guys.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Watch out there is a new team in town. My cute nephew brought some of his teamates over to shoot some hoop. They tried to get a pick-up game over at Draper Park. Noone was interested. All they got was horns honking at them. I think they are way too intimadating in those hot yellow jerseys. FYI: Deseret Industries have more of these good-looking uniforms in stock if anyone is interested.